Wednesday, September 1, 2010

October 2010 Book Club Choice

The Pioneer Bookshop Book Club will discuss The Angelmaker by Stefan Brijs on Thursday, October 7 at 7pm at the Pioneer Bookshop, 823 Fourth Avenue, Grinnell. Please join us and/or make comments on this blog to spur on the conversation.

The Los Angeles Times Book Review says that Stephen Brijs is "A rising star of Belgian literature." The novel is described as exploring science gone amok in a society where religion offers no consolation. Victor Hoppe returns to his home town with triplet sons who are so identical that they must wear colored bracelets to be identified. Their physician father takes great pains to protect them from scrutiny. The boys are named for three archangels, Micheal, Gabriel and Raphael, an intimation of their fathers "god-like" role in their conception. This novels seems to be a creepy read for an early Halloween discussion.

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